I graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Zaragoza in 1994. Not long after, I opened my own private physiotherapy clinic.

Every patient was a constant challenge; to understand their problem and support them in finding a solution requires a lot of training and a considerable amount of intuition.

That was when I decided to commit myself fully to furthering my training as I guessed that my intuition would develop through practicing the profession and treating patients who I can now count in their thousands.

Of all the training courses I went on, the one that really captured my heart was on Global Postural Re-education. With its comprehensive view of human beings grounded in logic, it connected two aspects which I believe are key and which underpin my way of understanding physiotherapy; great precision on a local level and a wider perspective on a global level. That’s what GPR gave me, amongst many other things.

My relationship with the inventor of GPR, Philippe Souchard, certainly marked my professional life. I had the honor of starting to train physiotherapists on his team– of which I am still a member today –in a large scale global training project.

Moreover, during this time I became familiar with many methods and techniques which offered me insight into different areas: myofascial induction, osteopathy, posturology, manual therapy, etc.

Ten years ago I ventured into the field of pediatrics. A key factor in this was the birth of my daughter and the minor issues she had with sleeping and irritability which, despite my excellent training as a physiotherapist, I was unable to understand or treat.



This marked the beginning of a strong personal commitment which continues to this day with a three pronged focus:

  • Finding a way to help babies and children with their health and development issues through manual therapy.
  • Teaching hundreds of physiotherapists how to treat children suffering from pain, developmental issues and attention and learning problems.
  • Helping families to understand the needs of children and babies and lead the way with institutions for the prevention of neurodevelopmental disorders.

In order to further my knowledge and advance in that direction I completed a Master’s Degree in Pediatric Physiotherapy and trained in neurodevelopment with global leading experts in the field, Sally Goddard and Svetlana Masgutova. With all this knowledge and experience under my belt, I created my own approach which physiotherapists from all over the world are currently learning to use to evaluate and treat children and babies in a gentle, effective way. My concept is called PIMT (Pediatric Integrative Manual Therapy) and I have to say it is revolutionizing the field of developmental physiotherapy.

In 2012 I published “Manual therapy in the oculomotor system. Advanced techniques for headache and balance disorders“. After the success of the first edition, a second edition will be published in 2018.

And in just a few months’ time, towards the end of 2017, I will be presenting a new book “Help him find his wings! Everything your child needs for unlimited development “, which will initially be translated into five languages. This publication is a wonderful venture aimed at helping thousands of mothers and fathers to understand their children and give them the opportunity to support them in their neurological, biological and emotional development.

In addition to running my own physiotherapy center, the Institute for Integrative Therapies, and participating as a GPR and PIMT trainer all over the world, I am also doing a PhD at the University of Zaragoza with a study of the use of PIMT on babies with head-flattening.

Iñaki Pastor Pons

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