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I am a physiotherapist, a physiotherapist who searches, travels and builds bridges.

I graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Zaragoza in 1994. In order to deepen and advance in that direction, I completed the Master in Pediatric Physiotherapy in Spain and I trained in neurodevelopment with Sally Goddard and Svetlana Masgutova.

I have been very fortunate to meet the great masters of physiotherapy, such as Philippe Souchard, to whom I have tried to give something back in exchange with contributions to the models learned. Thanks to his legacy, I created my own paradigms; and my own innovative methodologies for child development.

Since then, I have traveled and expanded my borders to train health professionals in models of thought that take them beyond what they believe to be their own limitations.

Through my publications and my work as an international trainer and speaker, I have tried to create those connections between areas of knowledge and professional disciplines, that I believe should always have worked in conjunction with each other.

Iñaki Pastor

I am the author and co-author of several books among which I highlight: Manual Therapy In The Oculomotor System (2012, Editorial Elsevier); Help Him To Take Off! Everything Your Child Needs For Unlimited Development (2017, Editorial Aurum Volatile) with the psychologist Jara Acín; Eat Him With Kisses. A Practical Guide To Accompany Your Baby (2019, Editorial Aurum Volatile) and The Challenge To Grow (2020, Editorial Aurum Volatile) with the behavioral optometrist Lucila To and the psychologist Gloria González.

In addition to directing the Institute of Integrative Therapies, and operating my own physiotherapy clinic, I have also led the international project TMPI-PIMT. Our mission? To improve the way in which the child development of normal typical and different atypical children is and can continue to be a supportive tool accessible for families, professionals and Institutions around the world.

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Iñaki Pastor Pons PT MSc
Expert Physiotherapist on pediatrics and child’s development