Child neurodevelopment: when learning is hindered… what to do?

Training for psychologists, educators or physiotherapists. 8 hours.
Language: Spanish.

Online training on how developmental disorders are often the source or linked to many children with attention and learning difficulties. Through this training, it will allow us to find solutions to these unfortunately frequently occurring problems.

Visual and motor neurodevelopment: the foundations of the visual system

Audiovisual training given by Iñaki Pastor. 16 hours.
Language: Spanish.

Online course on how neurodevelopment lays the foundation for the maturation of visual function and supports its effectiveness. You will learn, among other topics, what is neurological “programming” in humans or how the development of the motor system and sensory systems are constructed. A key training for everyone who works in neurodevelopment.

Advanced GPR course applied to craniocervical pathology through the oculomotor system. Level 1

This course covers evaluation and treatment keys in GPR of the oculomotor system to address headaches, balance disorders and cervical problems. It also covers biomechanics, pathophysiology, the relationship with the cervical and stomatognathic systems, etc. The topics are developed step by step for greater effectiveness of your treatments in the craniocervical region.

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Advanced GPR course applied to craniocervical pathology through the oculomotor system. Level 2

In this course, more complex aspects of the dysfunction and neurological disorganization of oculomotricity are developed. Advanced diagnostic and treatment tools are provided, and the keys to coordination with optometry are given. Co-directed by Lucila To, internationally renowned behavioral optometrist. A course that will allow you to create interdisciplinary work teams with incredible results.

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Training in Pediatric Integrative Manual Therapy (TMPI-PIMT)

Training with recognition of official credits throughout the Spanish territory.
The training in Pediatric Integrative Manual Therapy consists of 7 seminars divided into 3 levels. Total training hours vary between 156 and 186 hours, depending on each varying country requirements. It includes on campus and online models of education to adapt to the needs of each student.

In this complete training you will be able to enter and delve into the field of manual therapy for babies and children, both for musculoskeletal disorders and developmental disorders. Training is well supported by the evidence. It will allow you to successfully tackle extremely frequently occurring pediatric problems, and to support and follow the cases of hundreds of families. Through this course you will discover the training that is changing the ways of understanding physiotherapy in children, in many countries.

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Iñaki Pastor Pons PT MSc
Expert Physiotherapist on pediatrics and child’s development