Iñaki Pastor

I am an expert physiotherapist in child development and neurodevelopment.
I direct the Institute of Integrative Therapies in Zaragoza, and I have created an international project called TMPI-PIMT (Pediatric Integrative Manual Therapy) in order to improve the way in which child development is used as a supportive tool for both families, as well as professionals and institutions throughout the world. Through my publications as well as my work as a trainer and speaker, I have successfully attempted to focus on the connections between different areas of knowledge and professional disciplines, that should always have worked together for the best development of babies and children.


TMPI-PIMT, my training model in pediatrics

If you would like to follow a complete and comprehensive concept of pediatric physiotherapy training, TMPI will fit you perfectly. It is a very comprehensive and thorough training, and it is very well supported by the evidence. In addition, it will allow you to discover everything you can possibly do to help children and babies, and these supportive therapeutic treatments will be beyond your imagination.

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Niña ITI

Institute of Integrative Therapies, my clinic

In addition, we can help you and your child, in child postural, developmental, respiratory, colic or reflux problems, etc. In our treatment center, not only will your child have the best care possible, you will also feel truly supported and understood on the journey of recovery for your baby, your son or your daughter.

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If you would like more information regarding my training or my conferences, do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Iñaki Pastor Pons PT MSc
Expert Physiotherapist on pediatrics and child’s development